Our curriculum is specially designed by professional educators whose expertise lies in the teaching of the Chinese Language. It aims to build up the Chinese vocabulary of children and seeks to meet their learning needs in line with the requirements of Ministry of Education (MOE) schools for each level. Carefully planned and designed, the HLY curriculum is comprehensive and written in such a way as to engage the interest of our students while ensuring that they gain a good understanding of the topics, so that they are able to present fluently in Mandarin and write eloquently in Chinese.



We adopt an interactive method and practice of teaching that engages our students by using speech and drama as well as information technology. To help our students better appreciate the Chinese Language, they will also be exposed to Chinese history and various aspects of traditional Chinese culture.

There will be lively skits, discussions, mini-contests and hands-on traditional Chinese handicraft sessions which students find interesting and informative. By making learning fun, our students become more inclined to explore further the language and customs of the Chinese.

In addition, our students will be given ample opportunities to work on oral presentations. They will also attempt to complete worksheets that are designed by our curriculum specialists to enhance our students’ writing ability.