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Han Lin Yuan’s specialty is the teaching of Chinese to primary school students… Not just to help them pick up the basics of the language, but to master it by acquiring the ability to speak, read and write Chinese WELL! Contact Us Now!


汉林园是一所专注于教小学华文教育的语言中心。在英语普及的环境中,汉林园式教育志于为学生打下坚实的华语的基础, 让他们通过听、说、读、写等方面来精通华语。

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Is your child struggling with Chinese Language?

Your child dislikes the subject, and is refusing to read Chinese materials or speaking using the language?

Nothing in Chinese could interest your child, not even Chinese TV programmes?

Your child thinks that Speaking Chinese is uncool?

If your child exhibits behavior showing any of the above, he/she is likely to have a low level of interest learning the language.

Come talk to us at Han Lin Yuan!

Han Lin Yuan Language School is a premier Chinese Language School which was established with the aim of providing Chinese classes to primary school students to use the Chinese language efficiently and competently.

With the advent of globalisation in our modern day, exchanges between people of other countries, speaking other languages, have become more and more frequent, as well as important. Hence, it is all the more so important that we have a good grasp of other languages, such as Chinese, so as to communicate with others effectively.

In fact, it is not uncommon to see that many people in Singapore, despite being of high academic caliber, with high proficiency in other subjects such as mathematics and sciences, still struggle with even exchanging words in their mother tongue.

It is thus important to start getting your child equip with the language early, as acquiring a language takes time and practices. It is even more important to let your child to sustain the interest in learning the language.

So why is it necessary to learn and master the Chinese language well? There are numerous benefits:

  • Improving your child’s Chinese grades in school examinations and PSLE
  • Learning Chinese gets your child to better understand their roots and history as Chinese so as to better appreciate their culture and heritage.
  • Learning Chinese gives your child an insight into the way of life, as well as the hopes and dreams of the people in Chinese speaking countries.
  • Knowledge of Chinese increases your child job opportunities with Chinese and other foreign companies in future.
  • Acquaintance of this language enhances your child’s ability to build global business connections and enhance business relationships for companies with dealings in China.
  • Expertise in Chinese helps your child understand China – today’s economic powerhouse and political global influencer, as well as its policies, much better.

At Han Lin Yuan Language School, we aim to provide children with an effective yet enjoyable Chinese learning experience so that they not only gain proficiency in the language, but come to love it as well.

  • We employ well-qualified and knowledgeable teachers who engage students and strive to improve each child‘s ability to learn
  • Small Teacher-Student ratio
  • We place strong emphasis on all skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Students will be exposed to many aspects of Chinese culture to enhance their interest in learning Chinese
  • Good infrastructure – We provide a conducive and undisruptive environment for learning


It is always better to expose the language early and when the child is young. Don’t aim for your child to just pass or ace the examinations. Build up his interest in the language from young so that enthusiastic learning can be sustained throughout his academic years.

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